Inequality and Health in the US: A Symposium

Inequality and Health in the US: A Social Justice Symposium

The symposium featured five abstract presentations by the authors of a recent Lancet issue on equity equality and health in America. The panel was be moderated by  Joan Reede, Dean for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School. 

Posters topics included:

  • The Affordable Care Act: Implications for Healthcare Equity
  • Inequality and the US Health Care System
  • Population Health in an Era of Rising Income Inequality: United States, 1980-2015
  • Mass Incarceration, Public Health and Widening Inequality in the US
  • Structural racism and health inequities: evidence and interventions

The symposium featured virtual welcome and remarks from Senator Elizabeth Warren

Recording of the Inequality and Health in the US Symposium

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