Patient Profile: Internal Medicine Associates MGH

A patient shares their experience at Internal Medicine Associates of Massachusetts General Hospital. This patient works as part of the quality improvement team at the practice, which is part of the Center’s Academic Innovations Collaborative. The AIC works to improve care for more than 300,000 patients in the Boston area, with each clinic engaging patient advisers as part of their work.

Why did you choose this practice?
I had been seen at another hospital in the past briefly – nothing on-going.  In 1998, I had a medical event and was taken to the MGH emergency. The doctor (a medical resident) who cared for me was wonderful and asked about routine follow-up care and if I had a care provider. I did not and so made an outpatient appointment and he became my PCP. When he left several years later I became a patient of my current PCP – also at Internal Medicine Associates.

What has your general experience been at this practice?

My experience has been excellent. I have had the same PCP and nurse (both outstanding) and many different medical assistants and patient service coordinators – all very pleasant, professional and helpful.

How long have you been a patient at this practice?

Seventeen years

Is there a particular personal experience at this practice that stands out to you? If so, please share this experience.

My PCP listens to me and is thorough in his approach to my health issues and concerns. He has made clear that he can be an advocate for me with other departments such as when I scheduled a colon screening test and there were concerns about availability of different procedures and test preps. He is willing and able to navigate a sometimes confusing and overwhelming system.