Primary care is the foundation of health care

Despite facing serious challenges from outdated approaches to reimbursement, care delivery, and medical records, we believe in the power of primary care to keep people healthy and connect them to the full spectrum of care when needed. 

As Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, we are committed to fostering a dynamic community to promote and support primary care resilience, equity, and value in order to improve health and well-being.

Primary care clinicians are under great pressure. This NEJM Catalyst study analyzes both quantitative and open-ended feedback from 8,100 clinicians to gain insight into their opinions on current problems and proposed solutions.
We developed the SAVE Sprint model for implementing rapid-cycle change to improve vaccination rates by overcoming community outreach barriers and workforce limitations.
Primary care clinicians need to reliably track symptoms over time, yet this capacity is rarely available or explicit. This Journal of Internal Medicine commentary describes approaches to this problem.