Zach Malchano
Zach Malchano, MEng
Faculty Affiliate

Zach Malchano is the President of Cognito Therapeutics.  Zach previously served as the General Manager and Vice President of Product Development for Cognito Therapeutics. Prior to this, Zach was a founder and early-employee at a number of different medical device startups where he was responsible for company development, program leadership, and product development, which led to first in human clinical studies and regulatory clearance. Zach was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Rock Health, where he analyzed opportunities in digital healthcare, performed diligence, and advised portfolio companies. Zach received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT and his Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.  Zach completed the Biodesign Innovation Fellowship at Stanford University. Zach also serves as an affiliate faculty member at the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School, where he is on a working group establishing a medical device and healthcare innovation fellowship program and its accompanying courses.