Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the HMS Center for Primary Care

Mission: Supporting and training future entrepreneurs and innovators in the Harvard community.

What we do

Creating a supportive culture of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the Harvard Medical School ecosystem is central to what we do. The Innovation team runs all innovation and entrepreneurship programming for the Center and is involved with various initiatives throughout Harvard Medical School. The team provides resources, mentorship, workshops, networking opportunities, and courses to the Harvard community (MD students, PhD, Post Doc, and residents) and externally. We also believe in fostering a strong community of I&E outside of Harvard so we can stay attuned to the latest trends and technology impacting healthcare.

How we do it

Through a portfolio of opportunities, we are training the future innovators and entrepreneurs who will transform healthcare. We start by fostering a culture of support for the creative minds in our community, then give them the tools to thrive. You can find a list of our programs below.

Programs, Trainings and Events

For a full list of innovation and entrepreneurship offerings visit our Programs, Trainings, and Events Page

Past Programs

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