Featuring Kitty O’Hare, Ahmet Uluer, Amy, Susan Shanske, and Julia Roboff

What happens when a medical complex young person turns 18, and then, suddenly, they make their own medical decisions rather than their parents? How does one navigate the sometimes very thorny issues of sexual health and fertility? What about insurance issues?

This week, we have a very special show for you featuring a number of guests on this topic talking about the Weitzman Family Bridges Adult Transition Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and how the program addresses these questions.

We have Kitty O’Hare, a practicing med-peds primary care physician and Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; Ahmet Uluer, the Medical Director of the Weitzman Family Bridges Adult Transition Program; Amy, a patient who helped give input in the design of the program, helped to write the transition in care guide One Step at a Time, and has gone on to become a nurse; Susan Shanske, MSW, LICSW, the Director of Transitional Care Support; and Julia Roboff, a Nurse Practitioner with the program.

Thanks for listening!