The Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care is holding its fifth annual Primary Care Innovations Conference at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center in Boston on October 6, 2015.

Our Work

Primary care is the front line of medicine. It’s where relationships are forged and over the course of a lifetime of births, deaths, health, and illness, partnerships between patients and providers are formed.

At the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, we believe that the future of our health system will be built upon this strong foundation of primary care. This future demands not just physicians, but innovation, vision, and leadership from all members of the primary care team. At the Center, we are strengthening health systems through the transformation of primary care delivery, teams, and leaders.

Our mission has never been more critical. Today, our country is facing a primary care crisis with over sixty million Americans lacking adequate access to primary care.

By creating new approaches to care and training physicians and health care leaders, we will discover new opportunities for delivering outstanding primary care.

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